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Grief, loss & pleasure as portals (solo)

Grief, loss & pleasure as portals (solo)

May 22, 2022

Hey friends,

it seems like this was a week of many solo episodes (I also talked about embracing upper and lower limits around money over on my business podcast: - in this one I wanted to talk about the darker parts of the last few years and how loss can really become a portal to other, better, sometimes insightful things. I find this hard to talk about because I don't want to stray into victim blaming or spiritual bypassing, yet there are these things about pain and shock that I think are important to say out loud and that I wish I had known sooner. 

Overall, and I know I've been talking about this a lot, I wish we'd do more good grieving, because that is where the magic is. That is where we grow and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. That is also where we really get to know ourselves and each other. 

This episode comes with a content note for suicide, death, hospitalisation, break ups, sexual assault and disability. I am not talking much about graphic details, but I am naming those things in the hope we can feel less alone in the experience of them. I trust you'll know if now is the time to listen or not. 

Thank you for listening to my waffles <3



Plant magic, resilience & the beauty of community with Madeleine Keller

Plant magic, resilience & the beauty of community with Madeleine Keller

May 18, 2022


Hello from the other side of this epic eclipse magic. While the dust is settling I wanted to share this beautiful, beautiful conversation I've had with Madeleine Keller, who is such a skilled and thoughtful folk herbalist. I really loved listening to them and I hope you will too. Here is some of what we talked about: 

  • Finding our way back to relationships with plants
  • Reconnecting with ancestral practices
  • Building health and resilience in community
  • Being a village witch

Madeleine is a queer white non-binary zinester and folk herbalist residing on un-ceded Awaswas-speaking Ohlone territory, known to some as California’s Central Coast. They guide folks to connect to the plant world, demystify their bodies, and re-enchant their relationships to land and community. They regularly offer a variety of paid and free workshops intended to support community healing and assist in a couple community health/herbalism projects. They also love to write zines!

The queer needleworker collective:
Queering Intimacy with Jade Mars

Queering Intimacy with Jade Mars

May 3, 2022

Hey friends,

how has this new moon eclipse magic weekend been treating you? 

I'm bringing a conversation with my friend Jade Mars your way - you might remember that they've been on episode #10 and so it's been really cool to catch up and see what has changed in our thoughts and ideas over the years. Here is some of what we talked about: 

  • Zine writing, DIY publishing & sharing our voices
  • Valuing all kinds of intimacy beyond heteronormative norms
  • Care, affections & closeness with the non-human world
  • The beauty of neurodivergent perspectives

Enjoy <3 

Jade Mars is a writer, zinester, poet and witch based in Brighton, UK. They are the author of the Scorpio Moon perzine series, editor of Aspects of Uranus: a queer astrology zine, and co-author of the Queering Intimacy workbook zine. Jade is the author of three collections of ecopoetry, and their writing has been published in Zarf #13, A Queer Anthology of Wilderness (Pilot Press, 2020), and Fermenting Feminism (Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, 2017), amongst others. Jade is an experienced workshop facilitator and speaker, and has worked with community groups, universities, and queer & feminist projects throughout the UK.

Jade’s writing explores the magic and ritual of the everyday; the complexities of gender and sexuality; intimacies with the natural world; grief, loss, and growing older; building community in a world of capitalist alienation; and autistic experience in a neurotypical society. They are inspired by science fiction and utopianism, anarcha-feminist thought and praxis, DIY cultures, druidry, folklore and the liminal. Jade co-runs Brighton Feminist Science Fiction Bookclub and is a member of Brighton Zinesters.

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Understanding shame and getting discomfortable with A.J. Bond

Understanding shame and getting discomfortable with A.J. Bond

April 20, 2022

Hey everyone,

ah I am so happy to share this conversation, truly. Ever since speaking to A.J. Bond I've been thinking about the ways in which shame shows up in my life and it's been really helpful and potential-gifting to find new ways to un-shame. This is an emotion I think we should all talk about more and I hope you'll love listening as much as I did. Here is some of what we talked about: 

  • The wild power of healing shame
  • Honest communication, boundaries & navigating needs
  • Developing relational skills with ourselves and each other
  • Getting uncomfortable for the sake of growth 

A.J. Bond is a Toronto-based writer, filmmaker, and shame educator. As a gay man and former child actor, A.J. is no stranger to shame. After experiencing a life-changing “shame breakthrough” in therapy several years ago, A.J. dedicated himself to educating others about our “master emotion” through Shame Ed classes and one-on-one coaching. A.J. is certified as a shame-healing practitioner by the Center for Healing Shame in Berkeley and has also trained in Nonviolent Communication and Authentic Relating. A.J. is the host of the podcast Discomfortable, exploring shame and other difficult emotions.

Visit for more info.

Here is the sign up for the creative workshops I mentioned: 

and here is more info about my business community:

My business community is open for enrolment!

My business community is open for enrolment!

April 12, 2022

Hey everyone,


excited to say that spring enrolment for my business community, now in its 5th year, is open <3

We have 15 spots for new folks who’d like to spend a year together learning, building & dreaming. In this episode I talk a little more about why I created this program, what it’s like in it, what you get when you join and how much it is ($240 – $480 on a sliding scale with payment plans available).

Feel free to reach out if you still have questions after listening. We would love to have you <3

Interconnected and nuanced ways of understanding healing with Chase McMurren

Interconnected and nuanced ways of understanding healing with Chase McMurren

March 30, 2022

Hey friends,

I am getting into a bit of a spring podcasting groove and it's an honour to tell you a bit more about my beautiful guest Chase McMurren. Talking to him gave me so much to think and giggle about as well as a wave of comfort and inspiration. I hope you'll love this conversation as much as I did! Here is some of what we talked about: 

  • Meeting grief and heart ache with gentleness
  • Supporting our artist hearts
  • Caring for our elders 
  • Hot beverage as everyday rituals
  • Slowing down to real delight
Chase Everett McMurren [he & him & his] is of Michif, Celtic, French and Ukrainian descent. Originally from Southern Alberta on traditional Blackfoot Confederacy territory, he’s been living in Tkarón:to | GichiKiiwenging for years | Toronto. His clan is the Turtle and his spirit name is Water Song Medicine Keeper. Chase is a harp-playing, home-visiting physician for long-living elders, and an integrative psychotherapist for artists. He is the Theme Lead for Indigenous Health in the MD Program and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Chase is a certified practitioner of Deirdre Fay’s Becoming Safely Embodied (BSE) approach. He serves as an Assessor and Clinical Supervisor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and also provides supervision in the Psychotherapy Training Program offered through the Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada (MDPAC). Chase is training as a Nâtawihôwêw* [not-a-way-who-ee-oo], or Medicine Man (*in Michif) and is a senior student of the Hakomi Method.
Here’s the Megan Devine grief support video:
Here’s a link to Angela Lansbury singing “Everthing’s Coming Up Roses”:
The free upcoming virtual business retreat:
#134 Radical love, oxytocin & anarchism with Samantha Zipporah

#134 Radical love, oxytocin & anarchism with Samantha Zipporah

March 17, 2022

Hey friends,

ah, what a joy this conversation has been! I know I am always gushing about my guests, but I just really am so lucky. Listening back to my chat with Samantha Zipporah gave me full body giggles and a renewed sense of hope. We covered so many topics that feel more alive and important than ever and I really hope you'll feel some of the radical love listening in too. Here is some of what we talked about: 

  • Reclaiming embodied sovereignty 
  • The relationship between oxytocin & anarchism
  • Being IN love and creative flow
  • Saying no as a commitment to yes
  • The magic of fertility, cycles, birth & death

Samantha Zipporah is a fertility, sex, & cycle educator, author, & activist with over 20 years of experience. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive & sexual health through collective healing, liberation, & education. A former birth doula, she provides radical love for navigating the womb continuum & reclaiming ancestral wisdom. Sam’s unique praxis weaves a balance of scientific data & spiritual presence to offer knowledge & embodied wisdom for claiming inner authority in fertility, sex, & cycles. Sam provides vital education for everyone from professionals to preteens and inspires individuals to claim their power through body literacy & sovereignty. To learn more about her books, writing, courses, & mentorships, please visit

The free business weekend I mentioned:

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Making & creativity as spiritual nourishment (solo)

Making & creativity as spiritual nourishment (solo)

March 5, 2022

Hey friends,

what a week! I am sending another solo episode your way, this time exploring making as a spiritual practice. I talk about seeking transcendence, developing an embodied understanding of rhythm & seasons, soothing nervous systems and spiritual sovereignty. You know, the casual stuff! 

Enjoy <3

Here is the sign up for the free journaling workshop:

and here is more info on the creative nature coven:

Highland Retreat & Real Integration (solo)

Highland Retreat & Real Integration (solo)

February 27, 2022

Hey friends,

I'm having a lot of thoughts these days, as I am sure we all do. I wanted to start a little series of solo episodes to share what's up for me and dive deeper into things we often don't talk about enough - grief, deepest fears, feeling alive regardless and wondering what's next. 

This first one is about my month long retreat in the Highlands, which I am midway through at the moment. I'm sharing about solitude, integrating trauma and loss, making sense of things, what I find comfort in and what I am observing in the landscape. 

Enjoy <3

More info about the creative nature coven:

#132 Being part of the web of magic, ancestry & community with Stevie Joy Leigh

#132 Being part of the web of magic, ancestry & community with Stevie Joy Leigh

February 17, 2022

Hey friends,

my heart is bursting with excitement to share this conversation with you - I spoke to the wonderful Stevie Leigh, a chat that was just what I needed to listen back to today. I hope it will feel as nourishing and grounding to you as it did for me. Here is some of what we talked about: 

  • Being connected to a web of ancestry, magic & community
  • Finding, feeling and expanding the edges of our capacity
  • Staying connected to our bodies through difficulty, discomfort and joy
  • Holding grief with integrity 

stevie leigh (they/she) is a somatic practitioner, writer, mystic, and care taker in many forms. In service to body autonomy and literacy, they help people find their way back to themselves. Supporting people in finding what they truly need in times of transition (birth, death, sexual revolution, trauma healing) is what guides them in their work. Stevie offers 1:1 somatic counseling, tarot readings, and their course RETURN: a trauma informed course exploring embodiment and emotional awareness. They are currently a guest on Tongva land in what is now called Pasadena, California and are curious about finding new (and old) ways to honor the people who stewarded the land before colonialism. Their somatic lineage includes teachings from birthwork, reproductive health work, SE, somatic sex education, generative somatics, and a deep focus in Hakomi. In their somatic practice, they weave together these threads alongside their own connection to ancestral knowledge and practices.

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